15 Real Questions People Are Asking About the KC Urban Golf Pub Crawl

People are demanding answers to very serious questions about next weekend's KC Urban Golf Pub Crawl (Saturday, May 21st). We worked with the event's organizer, KC Crew, to clear up any confusion. See answers to your questions below.

1. "WTF?"

I know, right?

2. “Are we supposed to use real golf balls?”

You’re definitely not supposed to do that. Use the balls provided to you, which are limited-flight balls. They’re foam (heavier than whiffle) and are designed to mimic the spin and flight of actual golf balls - just without all that damage and stuff.

3. “Do I need to bring my own clubs?”

Please don’t. KC Crew has people for that. Callaway Golf and TopGolf OP will provide clubs at each location.

4. “Am I too advanced of a golfer for this?”

Cute question, Tiger. If by “advanced” you mean “uninvited,” then yes. You’re advanced.

5. “Are they keeping score?”

What’s the point of life if you don’t keep score? Yes, score will be kept. Or, if you’d rather just play and drink - stick to what you’re good at!

6. “Will there be handicaps?”

Yes. Alcohol.

7. “Will there be prizes?”

You mean besides a cheap golf-themed bar crawl with friends on a nice spring Saturday, you ungratefu- …yes, there will be prizes for best team score, best individual score and best outfits.

8. “What should we wear?”

Nobody technically has the authority to answer this for you, but we can recommend some role models. Try studying heroes like John Daly, Shingo Katayama, Rickie Fowler or Payne Stewart (RIP).

9. “Where exactly are the holes?”

That’s a little personal. But, for transparency’s sake, the layout includes 4 main areas:
• River Market (The Pitch: River Market Park; The Putt: Harry’s Country Club)
• Library (The Pitch: Downtown Library; The Putt: John’s Big Deck)
• Power & Light (The Pitch: One Light; The Putt: No Other Pub)
• Crossroads (The Pitch: Kauffman Center of Performing Arts; The Putt: Ruins Pub)

10. “What’s there to drink?”

Well, it’s a bar crawl. So anything that bars serve can be yours. There will also be drink specials at each stop.

11. “Is this like that one time…?”

Nope. This has never really been done in Kansas City. Good luck!

12. "Why are they doing this?”

13. “Can we bring our own caddy?”


14. "Whose idea was this?"

KC Crew gets credit for this one. You may know them from popular events like the Zombie Crawl, St. Patty's Day Scavenger Hunt and a bunch of other rec sports in Kansas City.

15. "Are there tickets left?"

Barely. Tickets have gone fast, and at last check some routes have already sold out (or close). But you can still grab them here for $15 each.